Itchy Boogie Funk's in the Air

So the forty-two-year-old vegan blogger is back!!!

You just gotta love him. Whenever I see an interview of him it can never get to my head how such a introverted, reserved and blank looking dude can come up with such brilliant stuff. For his 4th record he goes on about rockstars, clubs, drugs and his 3 singles this far sound like the good old funky 90's house and space-age-Abba shimmers at the same time.

Disco Lies

A strong and comic view on people who eat meat. Embraced by a human-size yellow chicken in a suit jacket and a purple PIMP hat, taking revenge on his consumers.

Ooh Yeah

The girls in the video personificate Lust in the ussual cliche ways. Lots of red lipstick, sweaty shiny skin, faded sunnies, tongues come and go, ending with slow motion shots of their booties getting sprayed by.........................another girl with a hose pipe HAHA gotcha.

And last but not least, my fave, I Love to Move in here

As many said this far, it's kind of a tribute to NYC's fast and hot clubbing scene, featuring the fierce Lady Bunny on stage and a veeeery but very cute small little midget dressed as a clown with a glowing face who just dances in between people catching Moby's attention. At the very end there's a glowing octopus that appears all of the nothing, totally random, but he seems to be the funkiest of them all getting the crowd's love and applause.

Actually just get the whole record. 'It's gonna kill', like our mentor Blair Waldorf said. X0X0

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