Kenneth Anger '65 - 'Kustom Kar Komandos'
"I want a dream lover, so I don't have to dream of loooooove"
<3<#3<33 style="text-align: left;">"Kustom Kar Kommandos evokes the Dream Lover, but as a blind for the Charioteer of the Tarot Trumps. Infinitely more subtly, it restates the theme of Fireworks. It is about the simultaneous longing for and illusory attainment of an ideal. Anger's camera gliding with the delicacy of a scrap of down caresses it with a giant white powder puff. The images are suffused with a pink glow from the background, the Maker appears in complementary azure. The film starts with a ?waking? image of the Kar door opening into the camera to show the Scorpio-red inside, and then moves through ten lingering, indefinable dissolves which completely circle the Kar, eventually returning to the original shot, but with the Maker this time getting into the Kar, settling and driving off. The images center on the powder puff twice brushed by tiny erotic gusts, the incarnation of the spirit of a move: very campy, but also achingly precarious. In a hallucinatory shot of Sandy?s reflection on the inside of the passenger Kar door, there is a moment of fusion - the color elements (pink, azure, red, and the dull amber of the Kar itself) fuse and the Maker and Kar are one. The final shot of the sequence shows his face serene, impassive, moving as if directed by some non-conscious force: he drives off. Every night I hope and pray a Dream Lover will come my way."

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