Night Hunger

So it's 2.16 in the mornig and I'm still up. I'm finally done with the jacket's collar but I will be posting the pics tomorrow..or later after I've had my poor hours of beauty sleep. The thing is, that as I was going on about cosmopolitan lifestyles, wine, boy drama, languages and night hunger with Aapo (especially about night hunger: the moment you decide to go to bed, and you all of a sudden get heavenly thoughts of the most beautiful looking and amazingly tasting snacks to have...right after you brushed you teeth) I decided to not be such a whiner, go downstairs and get myself some chocolate milk. My point being!: as I came back to my room, I get an e-mail from the mtv.com's The city's blog about Kelly Cutrone, the almighty boss of the PR agency People's Revolution. If I understood well, Kelly signed up to an eight episode deal with Bravo and the show will have it's focus on People's Revolution and "strong women in the workplace". I could tell you my dear I will be more than delighted to see the comeback of such straight forward potty-mouthed character to my screen.

"This is how you do it in the power bitch world" - Kelly C.

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