Talk about spontaneousity HA HAAAAA. It all pretty much happened when my sister got in my room this afternoon wearing that black thing (which is actually the cover of her broken umbrella) around her neck, then she spreads her arms open and asks me: "is this nice?".....................................I though it was super fierce so I just grabbed the camera and snapped something out my room's balcony.
You know you know dahlings, just making a strong comeback on monday, as ussual.
Mondays tend to be ugly, and boring. MOSTLY! when you're coming from Paris to Brunssum . It really felt like a big put-your-feet-back-on-the-ground bitch slap. Thank god my lessons at school were fun and noone made fun of me.
ps. And!!!!!!!! I forgot to add! I have a new classmate! and she is a cute little blue eyed nun from poland! and she is tiny! and has lived in Argentina for 10 years! so she speaks spanish in the cutest way! and and yeaaaaaaah! life's good fellas, life's good.

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