Documentation of a Chola

The title is the name of such an adorable picture I saw on my myspace like 5 minutes ago from someone who friend requested me. There's a tough looking mexican girl called Ana Victoria in it with tons of make up, and one of those facial expressions that could tell a hundred stories. I rather not to show it and leave it to everyone's imagination.

And so he gave me an opportunity. I presented myself, showed my work and my interviewing teacher Vens, gave me an opportunity. I'll have to do it again in front of the school's commission and just pray to all the gods for them not to think of me as the "He wont pull it off" boy. "Just be sure of one thing, if for some reason you don't get accepted, it will not for sure be because of your talent, but maybe for schooling and age reasons". They hold my entrance key to a whole new layer. It puts a lot on my shoulders and all the ones around me who care for me. But like DINOSAURUXIA says: Time is unfolding, and only time itself will spit it aaaaaaaaall out.

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