Meaner than cat piss

This is the kind of landscape I saw this morning.
People were so rude to me today. Meaner than ever. I wore my high black army-like boots to school, with a big black hoody, a black and white celine dion print tee, my black 1 euro sunnies from h&m, all of it trying to "blend in"and it went completely wrong. They actually took the time to interrupt their convos by walking down the street when they saw me just to point me out and have a laugh. Not that I got offended or anything, but after having the same reaction 5 times in the same block, gurl believe me, you feel like smackin their bitch ass hillbilly faces off.
On thursday it'll be Paris anyway. Not only have I not been to Paris before, but it will be fashion week! which just makes me think it's the perfect timing for Enchanté-by to document the parisian Crème de la Crème. So from now 'til wednesday evening let's hope I can come with some good looking wearable stuff to get in my suitcase and voilà.

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  1. fuck them bitches, they don't know what a sense of expressing one self is! you keep doing what you doing Nano! so exciting, i wanna go to paris one day!