meet The Heyboers

It's not much what I know about them. It was last year, very late one evening that I happened to be "watching" tv and just skipping channels at a channel per second speed when I saw a close up of her face. Petra Heyboer's face, with glitter on her eyes, and plastic stars glued on her cheeks. It was love at first sight. But as I was saying, I couldn't hold much info since the documental was in dutch and as much as I tried to put my tiny skills to work, it was not much what I collected.

But well, who needs to read or listen to anything when the visuals are as rich as Petra's face itself or the Heyboer house/gallery?!.....in between the whole documental there were a lot of stills and silent moments, like for example shots of Petra applying her make up, or just sitting on a chair looking out the window; almost no music at all. Kinda beautiful. There were a lot of old video cassette recordings of Petra and Anton together, just laughing and snogging like a pair of teenagers. They trully loved each other. Aswell Anton was seen on his own, just painting, and humming nonsense songs while doing it.

I remember an older lady also, dressed like a goddess (maybe Anton's or Petra's mother), giving the camera crew a tour around her house and showing off her paintings, including 2 beautiful pieces that a very talented someone did: of herself when she was way younger, and another one of her family sitting at the dining room, with a wide window giving a view of a sunny bright colorful field. After a lot of talking, she puts her coat on and gets to a gallery that didn't look much like one, but the works in it had me drooling on my side of the screen. Then a small footage of Anton's funeral was shown, with Petra walking along with a lot of people and photographers snapping shots of her sadness; kissing and throwing flowers on what was about to become Anton's grave. Grrr I would love to find that documental once again, and this time subtitled!

Anyone?....just hit me if you know something; y'all know mah digits. PEACE OUT. X

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  1. Anonymous26.12.11

    look at www.hollanddoc.nl and clique: "The fifth bride" or in dutch "de vijfde bruid" Is subtitled in englisch.(or google that title)