She is my barbie-doll dream translated into a human-like editorial super heroin....................................................a la GaGa.

She might not be on magazine's editorials as often as on gossip tabloids cause let's be honest, and the paparazzi have got that je ne sais quoi for her, but when she's on it, she's on it g o o d.

The cover! is fantastical, this is the first time I think I like that lesbianic thing girls do often with their fingers in front of their mouths, though Nicky is not sticking her tongue out here (THANK GOD?). 2nd pic, I don't know how they managed to make her look that tall cause she's tiiii-ney. On the third pic, almost mermaid-ish, almost vamp-hot momma, almost Thierry mugler's alien; love the turquoise background contrast with the platinum blonde, yes yes veri guut. 4th, cute fierceness and 5th, strinking all that bling "ON YAR AAAALL BITCHES' FACE" like Jade said on ANTM cycle-something, prfect finale: PEACE OUT.

Shiiiit I never felt like having a magazine so badly. N, I heart u. X

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