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MAKING A STRONG COMEBACK!!!1! though the "strong comeback" thing is a monday thing and today is tuesday. These pics are product of what came to my mind in a matter of seconds last thursday while I was packing to go over to my beloved loved one (I don't think those 2 words together are gramatically correct but sounds nice). The hoody in fact is one of the thousand gifts I've gotten from him and this was the first time I kinda really got it's vibe and got to do something nice with it besides wearing it..which hasn't happened just yet; I think you understand?

This last weekend was off tha hoooooooook? thursday I went up north. Friday started with the loveliest of the weathers. Some second hand shopping, hanging aroung hanging around, then coffee with Stephanie then more hanging around, lunch, then wine, tipsiness with wine at Ce's, crispy chicken hamburgers as dinner and then off to Sinan's wedding gown themed birthday party. Enchanté even snapped some awesome shots of the many brides and grooms around. Saturday was a bit more calm. We were at the torkish-italian fashion designer's flat....hahahahahahaha kidding kidding, maybe he'll read this, he's italian, he's dieting, and he's gorgeous. Ce did a couple of shots for my big day at Rietveld and I finally got to see some of his graduation collection cuties on editorial mode; modelled by a very cute girl but taken by a not so smart one. She shot the clothes in a kick-ass hotel in Amsterdam and the only thing she captured was the carpet's pattern. Anyway, it's all very 90's-neon but pastel-colorful, lots of bones, intentionally disproportional at times with some fur in between. It's gonna kill. GO TURKEY! I mean, Ciamella!

Sunday was Enchanté-by's day at the Mode Marché's (stock sample sale of the Netherlands) entry, spotting people and pulling them aside; the ultimate immortalizing system! yeah yeah. Was a complete success. Afterwards and totally dead, we headed back to the Hague to have a smashing dinner, try clothes for hours and get to the Hugo+George afterparty where we danced the nigth away to the cosmic beats. On monday I skipped school and got in trouble for it, but it was so worth it. Monday as the beginning of a new project; but that's something I'll feature here later on.


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