50+50+1=pure love

These 2 I got yesterday when I got to my new second hand paradise for the first time. The 2 little squirrels were 50 cent each (L) and this magnificent cigarrette case was only a euro. When I first saw it I thought: pfff how pathetic looking, but then I turned it around and it was gold, so I went like hmmm, and then opened it and it was gold to the power of 2 and i went HUHUMMMM! and then! I realise that the weird detachable golden extra piece thing at the bottom is nothing more and nothing less than a lighter! AND IT STILL WORKS!

I'm just totally loving it, cause it's so pimp-alicious and it doesn't necesarilly needs to be used as a cigarrette case but you can just set your most important cards in, little papers, maybe even coins and all your 500 euro bills.

ps. Cutie, the squirrels are for you!

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