This is me, documenting yesterday's sunset. It was thursday, and as every thursday on my new school schedual, I have a free day. I spent my whole day indoors, just being fat and bored, and to be honest it made me kinda sick. So it was about 7 thirty something when I just grabbed my keys, put on my jacket and shoes and took a walk around d@ hO0d.

And though the kids around here have made very clear they don't like me, I still went for it, fuck it, they don't own giuliu's hood, oh no.

It was surprisingly cold and I finally found the war's graveyard. I had passed it by once or twice by car, but never memorized how to get thre. It's all very slim and tidy looking. Cause there's no better hang around than a cute graveyard. Once there, I was minding my own business again when, of course, the nosy peasants started stretching their necks over the bushes to see who was that midget in the big hooded jacket. I don't really blame them if they got spooked though; I'm small, and when I wear that new jacket of mine you can't tell if I'm a small skinny grandma or just some random dude out of a movie's ceremony scene.

The sky and lightig wasn't of course THAT blue, but it WAS very blue. It was just lovely to see the sky turn from that baby blue into a more electric-royal tone. Reminded me of my all time king of avant garde, Kenneth Anger's Rabbit's Moon.

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