The gods, Heaven, Ground, Richness and Hell.

:((((((((((((((((( That's what my mom called me two nights ago when we were talking about my future school and the whole fashion studies thing came up once again; a Romantic.

But who, when it comes to pursuing any sense of art, hasn't been taken as a dreamer before?! I just think that's the one thing we artists gotta put up to, suck it up and ignore. Of course I know she didn't mean it wrong or in an offensive way and maybe was just trying to get me grounded and think of something more practical.

and that's what matters.

On the other hand it was only yesterday when I had my entrance examination at Rietveld. With the first comission my self-awareness got SO SO huge at the beginning that my voice got shaky at some point, and I focused on little things I shouldn't have. They also made me name contemporary artists "I looked up to" and some designer role models which I totally screwed up. Those are the kind of questions you always think you would have a perfect answer for, but when the time comes, it all becomes in a lot of spoken diarrhea. Or maybe I'm just being too harsh on myself and enjoying it. With the second comission it was all more calm. But it was also about the teachers, their vibe was way more relaxed, and they would just listen to me though I could still see in their faces the "I KNOW ENOUGH" sign. Shit, they even laughed at my shabby jokes and complimented my work. I had a long big table set for me to put all my work on. It wasn't enough so I conquered the floor and spread my everything there as well. Hopefully in a 2 or 3 weeks time a letter will slip through my mailbox saying I will have an opportunity of conquering somethingelse than Riteveld's floors.

As for the pictures of the pedestal/base assignement, I have tried to contain myself and not show too much of it yet on the net since I'm planning on taking official beautiful dreamy/scary pro pictures of it.

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