I've done things you've only dreamt about

As I start this post I realise it starts looking kind of like one of those tragic fairy tales, with all these bright colours, big lights, sparkles and of course the sacrificed kid. All very Hansel & Gretel-ish. They all left the house; my sister is at a friend's, my mom is having dinner with a gurlfriend, and Rene is having a squash evening with a pal. They all found a path and here I am still sitting on my ass trying to build mine. I don't get to see yet what it'll be like, but here's at least a sneak peak of what might take me there. I've been listening to Johannes Rojola and The Sounds' records on loop the whole afternoon and I can't help to get all goosebumpy and nostalgic. RAKASTAN SINUA, SUOMI. I guess it can only be good to have these sort of feelings while being in a creative process. Though I might add, thoughts can come and go so fast it drives me crazy; so many issues, so many lines to make, so many things to glue, so many things, so many things to fix, so many things to still be created. I had never felt more like a ciggie before INHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALE, EXHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALE AAAAAAAH what a nice feeling. I still don't like my hair long and I hope it will be gone by monday. But enought of fantasies and back to reality. I'll manage to put some good shit together.

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