The After Party 3/3

This is how we looked after we got home from this one "fancy" party we went to for the whole afternoon with our parents. We of course had to dress up accordingly (nothing like this), be nice, polite, and keep up with "interesting" conversations. It wasn't that much of the event of the season, but at least there was loads of lovely food, cakes and endless drinks.

My sis got that adorable wolves tee today from a market in Hoensbroek, I was suposed to go aswell but she told me it was nothing like the kind of markets I ussually like. Anyway, I thought it was worth documenting it! together with those new cutsie yellow Dr. Martens me and Ce got her as a present for being such bullshitters on Queen's day. The costumised winter underpants, leggings or whatever you'd like to call them, were my creation of the day. And I cannot say they were completely, or at all my own idea, but I could say that mine are looking much better than the ones I had as my reference hohoho, sorry Ossi.

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