A gimmick or not, the duplicating cheap trick works once again.

The thing is, it's everywhere you go and everywhere you look at nowadays. Me and Ce had even been giving it the pfffffsss and the ughhhh's but at the end we couldn't resist it......and fell for it.
Cedric is of course the responsable of such gorgeous shot and I could not be happier with the result, so yes there goes my ego up in the sky everytime I see it....cause that boy could make anyone beautiful when he works those lights well and snaps 'em shots.

The shirt I'm wearing above, is the very first thing I ever designed and made. Also, a part of my self asigned asignement and portfolio presentation at kabk yesterday afternoon. It was such a weird yet exciting day, full of mixed feelings mixed with tiredness and love. Irru, thanks once again, over and over again for causing a couple of tears and a big opportunity. Ce, a thousand kisses for you like Luther said...for being there, supporting and understanding me, watching over every step I take and making me a happier, better, bigger person. Now I'm being a bible seller, but lets be honest and at times a gurl has to say them things.

The video below is just to show how our queen Madge, OOPS DID IT AGAIN and ripped off someonelse...in this case, ME..............................waaaahahahahahahahaha of course that's just me being blasfemous, I had her on the phone a couple of weeks before my big day and she proposed the whole thing after she saw my sketches, of course selling records in Malawi is her number one priority right now so she could only hire a highly talented video nerd editor, a couple of lights and a studio. Ok I just crossed my toomuchbullshit line, All I want to say is that I can't stop watching the video, I'll always love Madgy 4ever'never and my heart goes to her and her Malawi orphan babies adoption mission, cause at least I _did_ watch the whole damn documental not like some bloggers whose names I don't want to name but start with an s's and end with y's.

HA! x


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