Though this is of course not made out of dog fur, I wont deny that as it was the first thing that crossed throgh my mind when I saw/felt it at the store, DOG FURRRRR it made me wonder what would it be like, to wear a bunch of black chihuahuas. If you think about it it is actually ignorant that for example dogs' fur isn't used as wearable fur because of the sentimental value that millions of people give to these creatures. I don't blame them, they're cute and all, but why then do it with wild animals? are they less expressive? non friendly? is it because we barely see them in real life? or noone has ever had a fox as a pet?...well maybe Josephine Baker had one, or did she only had cheetahs? or what was it that she had?

Anyway who's the ignorant now by comparing fucking dog fur with this heavy wool gorgeousity!
As I saw it last week, I couldn't wait for the weekend to be over to get back to my new second hand paradise to get it. Or well, I did not exactly wanted the weekend to be over cause to be honest was damn fun. WE BREATHE, INHALED AND ATE FASHION, literally. I didn't remember the face of the guy who had saved it specially for me, and considering the fact that I was not suposed to be asking them to keep stuff for me in their storage for more than one day, I had not paid for them either to do so, and I was speaking english in a place where nobody wants to speak english to you, it was all getting to my last nerve. At the end this one chubby byotch who is never nice to me eveytime I go there, remembered me and called the guy who I had the deal with.

The funniest thing of all this was that besides of being a very very warm day, and having everyone look at me like crazy for taking such a big thick jacket in in the middle of spring and starting of summer, as I approached the cashier to just pay and get lost, one of the guys shouted: OOOOOOOH YOU ARE SO VERY LUCKY, and then I thought: and this is where it all goes to hell. They overprice it, and you go home with shit. Thank god my dealer stood up next to me and fought for the real, inital price.

9 euros, and a whole weekend full of patience. this is how I shop.

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