Smells like Laser

Dead Lazers

Here's my ritual routine everytime I'm back at the south. I don't know why but I'm starting to like the feeling FINALLY of coming back home and getting my cool and inspiration back. Of course, my days left here are few I believe and this is just a sign which confirms it.

ON THE OTHER HAND!!!!! my idols, the Kap Bambino duo (who I by the way missed just a couple of weeks ago when they performed twice here in Holland in Utrecht and Eindhoven) have a new video for their forthcoming single 'Dead Lazers' released May 18th. So yes, I was pissed off and down since I would have loved to be there front row seeing Khima sweat like a pig while humping E.T. and why not, maybe braking my neck while dancing, but I'm happy to see how strongly they're going for it. With this new video and song it's easy to notice they're trying to become more commercial; the songs' lyrics become understandable and the beat is not so unfollowable (LOL is that even a word?) though it makes me scared....scared of the mainstreamers actually understanding what they're all about and just burning the band out as they do with every band, trend or thing they can reach. Still I don't think they would get it, and if they do, they wont like it....I mean, as the song reaches it's climax at the end of the video, you can see the kids dancing around Khima on top of the car, spitting and dripping blood unconciously out of their mouths, noses and ears......................................I don't know but I think it will take a bit more than easy lyrics for the Kelly Clarkson era to get into it.

So let's pray, this time for the mainstreamers to stay dumb, and the Bambinos to stay in the dark and cold underground as the king and queen of psyche....4eva.

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