It was the first time I ever gave a shot to the book section downstairs at the kringloopwinkel. For only 50 cents, this teenage photograph comic book is what I took back home with me together with a drawing techniques book (also for 50!) of which I didn't take pics of cause it's just...a drawing book.

People always say that the best way to learn a new language is to read them lame ass comics on the news papers. But the only time I get to grab a news paper is when I'm in the train bored out of my mind...and even THEN, I only glance through the images, looking for something cute to rip off the paper. So I've always wanted to find that perfect comic book, in that foreign language, that will get me hooked and keep me busy while in the train, and will make me forget that annoying bitch behind my seat, talking on her phone for the whole trip as it ussually happens.

So THIS IS IT! like Michael J. said lately, I finally found it. Instead of being the average drawn comic book, this one has photographs instead of drawings. Teenage drama, romance, parties with the ussual nerdy crashers, making their first steps from being the ugly forgotten duck, to the beautiful swan who kisses with the best looking girl/guy at the end of the night and makes the rest of the crowd impressed AND jealous most importantly. I'm cheesy I know, I can't help it, I'm a sucker for these.

And c'mooooooooooooooooooon! It even had 2 posters featured! Kate Bush on the first pages and Blue Lagoon kicking in at the end.

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