Mixed Feelings

Today our day started with honey pancakes, lots of coffe and morning chit-chat. This afternoon we went for a coffee with our whole family, plus family guests, (being in this case my grand parenst and aunt) to our dear neighbor Monique. Her house is flawless as always and she's the best of the hostesses.

It's kinda funny to me how lately I have been going back and forth in between weekends, from south, to north holland, from a busy city environment, to be just momma's boy, doing dishes, vacume-cleaning and going to school. IT KEEPS ME GROUNDED, in a good way. I have been thinking about the moment I leave home. I guess it wont be me leaving home anymore, but me coming back home...everytime I'm in need to come back to the real world and put my two feet on the ground.

I made these portraits of my grand parents and my aunt earlier today as we came back home. The girls of course whined A LOT about the camera being so close to their faces, and every single skin imperfection to be so so so visible! but then I striked back, and I explained to them that it was exactly THAT fact that made every picture something beautiful, interesting and cute about ageing.....then they recognised it wasn't that bad and just felt proud of their wrinkly artsy features. It's only about 2 weeks from today til their departure, back to latin america, and though it makes me sad to just think about it already, I have to admit I enjoyed every second possible around them here and I feel lucky to have such a fucking funny and nice family .

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