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And talking about gifts! these are my new adquisitions. Just some of the things that grandpa and grandma have pimped my wardrobe, hand and pocket with.

1.The cap was too hilarious to leave it at the thrift store where me and my grandma got loadsa stuff.

2. Lately I've been wearing a couple of braceletes, nothing too special, and as I found this skull-shaped gorgeousity today and tried it on, it just had to be mine.

3. The blazer had a weird shape, and an invisible pattern that becomes visible with light shine. Also thrifted.

4. And as last but definitely not least!!!!: a wallet. My ideal, and the cutest biker-friendly wallet ever. It is so functional. I'm really happy with it.
ps. I also got the June-July DAZED & CONFUSED where the Cyber- d e l i s h -punk editorial I so much loved, is featured.

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