The Preppiest Prayers

Ever since my grandma knew I'm about to enter school to study fashion design, she has given me all kinds of tips about the "industry" and feels very much excited about what the future might look like for me.

Honduras might be a small and even unknown country for some, but still she happens to be one of the most recognised hair stylists and make-up artists in the capital city.

So in between many of our convos, we ended up talking about the few Honduran fashion designers around who are doing decently good, or just VERY well. That's how Carlos Campos popped up. She talked wonders about him which made me really curious to just run to the computer and google him up.

By entering the site, the closure of his spring-fall 09 show comes up to Depeche's Mode's "Enjoy the Silence" (<333333 ALREADY LOVED HIM) with only Dave's vocals and pipe organ's notes playing along......so it did not only sounded all church-y, but the boys and girls walking down the runway looked like they were on their way to the president's funeral, or just going to confess themselves at the ultimate social event.

ANYWHOOOOOOOOOOOOORE, I really liked his stuff, though it is all very commercial and toned down. Most importantly! he made me proud of my roots!

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