SPOILT. once again

I've been under so much pressure today. And not exactly becauise I have to pay the bills, or someone wants to kill me, or I'm doing awful at school. It all happens mostly in my head. Just too many thoughts all at the same time, stinging like fucking bees defending their honey. Thank god we all have closets; and not exactly closets to keep secrets in anymore, but closets to just look at. Closets to go through, pipece by piece, and then feel re-filled with energy. CLOTHES REALLY DO MAKE ME HAPPY. These new cuties for example, some more gifts coming from my dear grandma who likes to burn money teh same way she burns her car wheels. There's not much to say about them to be honest.
1. ANOTHER see through shirt! I know a little someone is not going to be happy about it, since I have many MANY killer see-through shirts this far, all of them really nice. His rule is: Do not get the same item twice if the new one is not topping the old one. But I think I nailed it with this one, didn't I cutie?
2. It might be one size bigger than my normal size, but I love the pattern, the fit, and it's a Valentino btw.
3. And last but not least...just another really nice and well fiting suit jacket.
So sunday! more fashion shows, and not worrying about the outfit anymore.

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