Last night, as I think I had mention before, Mandy held a dinner party at her house because of her birthday. Her mother cooked a typical dish from aruba which was followed by the tastiest chocolate cake I have tasted lately. Some of her friends came along and her brothers were present as well. It was niiiiiiiiiice nice nice.

Except for the fact that her bee ef who works as a professional model, had to leave to London on this same day for fittings and a show!...she told me last year he had to leave on her birthday again, but to Paris. To me it sounds like the beginning of a weird tradition. Anywhore! as Cedric said: That's what she gets for being born on fashion week!.

But ok, as we said good-bye, got out of Rotterdam and arrived in The Hague, we drove around downtown listening to Billie Holiday; pretty much with no destination at all, till Milou pulled off by a nigth shop to get a pack of ciggies. You could say our music was a tiny bit too loud? and this guy who happened to be walking by just loved it!

We loved him too, what a perfect closure!

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