While in Paris, if I remember well, on day we arrived, (after we got some information about the trip, dressep up, and got on our way to the city centre) I was trying to keep up a very entertaining convo with Stephany from the second year. It was a bit of a problem since it was evening already but the sun was still shining, and people kept on poping up from every street, door, and car possible; PARIS WAS LITERALLY BURNING.

In our conversation we talked about guilty pleasures, and in between her list, there was a craving for thick high heeled shoes ffrom the 70's. When she said this I was completely fascinated by the idea of such an ugly shoe.

This last weekend, last friday to be precise, I woke up early and got on my way to one of my favourite and well kept secret second hand stores in The Hague. The day before, I talked to Stephany during picnic after school, and she told me I needed to go there and check out the most amazing shoe she had seen this far in there. It was something really close to her guilty pleasure she said, and she told me how mad she was going to be at me if I didn't go there and get them for myself because they didn't have her size. And so I did...never had I ever felt so drawn to such kind of shoe, IT'S SO WRONG THAT IS RIGHT!!!!!!!

I think this might be the ugliest yet most interesting pair of shoe I possess at the moment!

ps. The chic on the pictures is this one lovely babe named Miriam Assai from Sweden (DUUUUH of course she was lovely). I've had my eye on her around lookbook.nu for a while now.


  1. they are kinda cute nano! I like them..they have trully a personality..fits you well

  2. yes i don't get it either lol

  3. haha aw thank you! i love the shoes on the two last pictures!! xx