"This photograph comes from Ivonne Thein’s series entitled “Thirty-Two Kilos,” which deals with the pathological striving of young men and women to be extremely thin. The background to this work is a phenomenon that emerged in the US already in the 1990s with the Internet movement “Pro Ana,” which elevates anorexia nervosa to the status of a new, positive lifestyle for young women. The Internet has become the virtual home to diverse communities that do not define themselves as self-help groups for those suffering from eating disorders. Quite the opposite, they support the desire to lose weight, circulating encouraging slogans to help girls achieve the perfect bodies of their dreams. On these sites, this extreme body ideal is illustrated with abundant visual material. Role models are celebrated – for example, female celebrities with anorexia, who seem to embody the connection between extreme physical self-control and a happier and more successful life. The health risks of this lifestyle, however, disappear from view. At the same time, one also regularly finds photographs on these sites that the trained eye can recognize as having been manipulated."

This is probably the most exciting group of photos I saw last week's friday at the Witte de With. And they were not even hanging on the walls but in the inside of a magazine I picked up from one of the galleries. And ok, I was there late, didn't go to Boijmans' opening on saturday, and spent my sunday doing homework, but it just wasn't all that. Or maybe I had way too high expectations.

ANYWHORE! it was like a big ass slap across my face when I realised that the human-like figures on the photos weren't dolls, mannequins, pupets or whatever BUT real girls!...I trully thought: ooooooooh, these are so well done! I want one for my room!, so thumbs up for Ivonne for causing me such pleasant (?) confusion.


  1. well not to be so happy about a girl who promotes being so thin..not healthy sorry this is my opinion..but yes if we see it as art..well little macabre... and well done