So these are pics from last week's friday at the opening of the atelier of a hell lot of lovely people.
For that day, each designer made some sort of mini exhibition on their working spaces and these are some of the stuff the caught my attention the most...and well, Cedric is no designer but still he made part of the exhibition as well since he also has a spot at the atelier which he will be sharing with eitje head Maarit (a.k.a Marir). I also understood that I will be able to go there whenever I need to and just work on a tiny corer in between all of them, (also vacume clean after their mess) so thanks for that one babez!.

1. Annemarije enjoying one of those fabulous and elaborate apple pinchos.

2. Me in one of Lidewij's designs. It was super warm and comfy! it was only a pitty that I ended up being allergic to it and got itchy eyes =(.

3. Leslie's super smart model choice in her creations from back in 2007. Just loved these boys' faces!

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