Today during our 3 hour brake (lovely huh?) I decided to pass by that super expensive, ultra exclusive boutique you all know about. Okay okay it's only the kringloop, but I just can't help keep on coming back. This one is definetly my favourite. Last time I was there I found such lovely stuff which were not exactly at all for me, but hey...if I find something for you, I will also feel like you have to have it. This time was kinda the same. I found 3 adorable sweaters, 2 for Ce, 1 for my sis, a black transparent shirt and a bag for myself.

This dress was right in the middle of the store. I still feel so drawn to this kind of pieces. I love to picture the girl who got married in such dress and felt absolutely gorge in it. I love to picture her make up, nails, RING!, shoes, hairdo head piece, groom, party, family and friends, honey mooon hotel, girlfriends....so there I am standing in the middle of the store always; just drooling.

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