Launched on halloween, on the day of my birthday (Aynouk Tan? Halloween? IRONIIIICCCCCCCC) after doing the whole tour in The Hague downton for the Residence de la Mode, and having dinner in Amsterdam, we hitted back the scene making a comeback at Aynouk's parfume launching party.

I'm still wondering though if it was all just a nice pretext to have a party and feel all fancy by saying to your friends you attended to someone's parfume's launching party, or if it was an official launching.

All I know is that I found it hilarious to entry the place, and have to re-entry, but this time through Aynouk's Tan vajayjay. Once there you woud first see a little glass-covered column with the parfume bottle in it looking all pretty, and further, 2 screens playing the, let's say ad campaign? which I personally liked a lot.

I just think it was a pitty she wore the same outfit at the party than on the video. But at the same time, R E S P E C T to her now more than ever for wearing what she was wearing. We don't all have perfect bodies and it really requires some serious guts to have your coochie and bumbum half-hanging out.

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