So this is what the second floor of the bar where I sometimes work looked like two weekends ago for Phantom der Nacht's art festival. Well, except for the last picture which I took on the first floor where several, very interesting, experimental but fun bands played. I call it: "My picture of a picture" lol.

I love how the artist (Doctor in red) who was in charge of the second floor was able to make the whole space look so different. If you analysed each item lying around everywhere they were not that impressive; it was the whole picture which had a certain weird, awkward, cold but intriguing vibe around it.

So we had the installation going on at the second floor, music downstairs and a little somethingelse across the street.

One of my housemates Matthijs was actually one of the artists who made this second installation happen at the bar's restaurant which is placed on the opposite side of the street. Once in the room, your eyes had to adjust for a couple of seconds to the darkness of the place. There was a whole on the ground with actual water which was reflected on a wall, a meter or two away from the whole. Behind the whole, there were rocks hanging just about 10 centimeters above the ground, all over the place and mixed with smoke generated by a machine.

The monotonous beat of the music inside was very low and gory which somehow made me feel constantly like somethigngelse was about to happen............and just like that, while staring at the morbid beauty of the space and it's vibe, ALL OF THE ROCKS JUST DROPPED AT ONCE!!!!!!!!

And like that, just when I thought I had seen it all, I jumped. And I loved it.

ps. the only visible lines during teh video are the threads that held the rocks; the loud noise at the end were the rocks dropping, and the sudden movement afterwards was me jumping.

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