So this was the so called Calvijn Classics contest which I previously mentioned 2 posts ago. For the contest, the selected group of designers had to design 2 outfits according the calvinistic church's beliefs. Therefore so many religous-friendly shapes and references.

I have to say the show itself was BEAUTIFUL. And more than beautiful I considered it very respectful towards the church in which it took place; the whole show was hystericalfashionmusic-free and instead, there were only live female soprano singers performing acapella while the models struggled to walk on the unwalkable church floor which had all kinds of writing pieces and huge sculpted shapes on the floor.

after all the church IS a place considered holy for many and therefore it deserves veneration.

And as for the designer's final productsssssssssssss?????????? *drums*........It was very interesting to see as well. They weren't all knocking me off my chair as the ones I posted here did, in fact, there were some who really made us all go like: HOW, DARE YOU. But hey! we all weren't born to be fashion designers! SOME HAVE THAT CERTAIN IT! SOME DON'T!

Jakob Kok, the designer behind these two pieces for example had a very strong statement by having his model sport a pair of, nothing more and nothing less than, the forever polemic UGGS.


But to not be completely unfair here, I gotta mention that he took the same train as us back home, and as we went ooooooon and on for the whole trip about those horrible elephant-like shoes, we got to understand what was his vision behind all of this.

Still, I wish you would have been there to hear the hush hush all around as soon as these two stepped down the runway. Definitely unforgettable.

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