Isn't this thing amazing?!...talking about the cap of course. Though I think the vehicle is totally abs fabs. I can still remember the reaction of the guy and owner of both of them when I assaulted him with compliments and questions. Rastafari meets jewelry lover, he couldn't really walk well and that's why he rides around on his Turquoise-mobil. He had deep dark skin, long thin rastas, wore a very clean white button up shirt matched with tons of turquoise necklaces, rings, pins and earrings. The contrast in between his skin, his white shirt and jewelry was heavenly. It is a pitty he didn't want to go on the picture while sitting on the bike, cause his personal appearance could have topped these two pictures...EASILY.

He told me that besides the fact that people ask him on the picture throughout the whole day, he just didn't want to "be recognised by the authorities". It just made me wonder, oh lala, oh mymy...who knows what this personality has been up to before. And even THEN! I told him I really loved his cap, that I wanted to have it. I asked for his number but he didn't want to give it, so he asked for mine. He said: "60, and it's yours.." I didn't have that amount with me at the moment so I told him to give me a call.

But he never did.

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