Lately I keep on running into all kinds of eye/eye-ball graphics everywhere. I'm just letting y'all know. I PREDICT IT!!!!! Next season will be all about eye ballzzz!! and if not, I'll make it at least my next project's base concept; pitty we'll be restricted to build our trenchoats at school out of Gabardine only. I had so many ideas already. On the other hand if we all work it good, and end up with very strong designs, it might look very nice altogether the day of the show.

This print was quite romantic yet mysterious. It was so small and fragile, but so strong and piercing. The only reason why I didnt' buy it was because I knew if this babe would've gone in the washing machine only once, them pretty eyes would have disappeared rigth away.

I took a nice and detailed pic for all of our own eyes' sake instead

PS. yes, it's from the big K. In fact, it might still be hanging there if anyone's interested.

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