Photos by Luka Karssenberg.
Styling by me.

A serie about addiction; the kick of shopping. The obsessive crave for THE ultimate most exclusive, weirdest, edgiest second hand piece of clothing you could find.

Does this sound familiar to you? or at least like you've read this around here before?

Most probably that's the reason why Luka (so kindly) asked me to collaborate with her for what was her first fashion photography asignment at school. Teachers liked it, aka she killed it. So I'm not only SO happy for her, but really pleased with the outcome!

The whole shoot was initially meant to be really personal to her as well, and this is why we shot the whole thing in her favourite thrift store in the city, which is not even a block away from her doorstep. The man in the first picture next to me is the spot's owner who was so enthusiastic about this whole thing taking place at his store!

And just in case you care, the Gucci bag I've been wearing lately, was found right there, at that spot, next to that man in the first picture as I turned around in between shots.


  1. I really like this pictures. Love the perspective and your style.
    I´m somehow addicted to second hand. Luckily in Bielefeld are a lot of second hand shops.

  2. this project is amazing! the pictures are magazine worthy. X

  3. THANK U LOV IVIV <3.......that new slitted dress of you is killing me everytime!!! SUCH! a good find.....today I've been cleaning up my closet, and I'm sort of DONE with most of the stuff I have, i WANT A CHANGE!!!! I want someone to come over from TV and PIMP MY STYLE! hahaha.....but at the same time I'm affraid of letting a lot of stuff go on a yard sale and regretting it afterwards....what do you both think????

  4. The third picture reminds me of words once spoken by a beautiful poet: "Maybe its time I out this pussy on ya sideburns"

  5. okkkkkkkaaaay???? hahahahahahahaha