Sometimes, somethings are just meant to be.

And the Boekhorststraat in The Hague seems to be the upcoming spot where galleries, pop-up stores and all the good vintage in the city feel the need to be placed together at the moment. Last week I passed ZITY ZOO by and the fact that I couldn't really figure out what kind of store this was at first sight, really captivated me into having a second look.

From outside? their pleasantly vintage logotype paired with black and white floor tiles gives a high-class barber shop feeling but once you spot the clothing, shoes, dolls, bags, books and jewelry, it immediatly translates 'antique'.

From inside? clearly vintage, but with a style, taste...a vision. So many vintage stores all around nowadays, popping up by the second, but none of them with these three such extremly relevant qualities.
All we're asking for nowadays is IDENTITY! not replicas.

As the store's sales people let me in so kindly (although they were getting the place ready for an event tomorrow) I realized there were tons of things I would really like to have. Here above some of my favourite items. my ultimate 2 favourites are not here cause I'll be picking them up tomorrow and I'll keep them a secret till then!

ZITY ZOO is hosting a collective shopping evening together with several other vintage and pop-up stores along the Boekhorstsraat tomorrow from 18.00 till 21.00. 20% Discount!!

And all I know is that GIRLS!!!!!!!!!! need to get their groove on these Massimo Dutti pointy nose-studden kitten heels (last time while in Paris, the Prada version of these were aaaaaaaaaall over) and the white Chanel-like faux fur platform extravaganzas! and this is only two pairs out of their small but substancial shoe-collection. Vintage custom clothes by Bersa were hot hot hot too!


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