I've been so busy

and I think I'll continue to be for the next week but in the best of the ways! FROM PARIS!

 That's right, I haven't had time to spread the word around here but The Row invited us both (Suzanne and me) once again to be part of their staff during men's fashion week for their pre-fall 2012. So lots and lots and TONS! of new eye-candy for us not only cause we will have the chance to see their pre-fall /12 before any other french or international costumer, but also because those costumers are the ones coming in and out the showroom the whole day everyday, looking explendid...wearing the REAL DEALS!

This above is a picture of me, during the first official collection-check up at school earlier today for which I needed to have 2 toiles and 1 outfit already completely finished. Once again as much as I'd love to share what these three outfits looked like I think I rather not cause it's some serious IT material, but it's not IT yet.

Tomorrow early in the morning an appointment with BLEND magazine's online editor to give me all sorts of details about how the magazine's blog works cause *drums*  yes, I'll be one of their few online contributors from now on. So can't wait to get all the needed info to start rolling!

Afterwards! an unexpected meeting with a dear highschool finnish classmate!!!

Friday dinner with the lovely parents-in-law,
Saturday dinner with parents, sister and brother-in-law! + late drinks at Chloe & Acne partays.

Sunday, who knows, and the rest of the week will probably bring some more (besides real hard work at the showroom) I just don't know of yet! except for a possible appearance in a french film, as an extra in a parisian house-party full of beautiful youngsters. if you're reading this, and you'll be in Paris on january the 28th, then holler and JOIN US!

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