So YES, believe it or not, Balmain has a whole new world opening right in front of our eyes in the weave industry.

And YES, that's me right there, handling them delish infamous sequin mini dresses worth thousands of euros.

I'm not gonna lie and I think I washed my hands perhaps three times before even touching them on the first out of three days of photo and film production. NERVOUS!! but was fantastic to have seen them IRL, inside out and on the models; definetly gorgeous dresses that I believe can take anyone's breathe away and open ANY door ANYWHERE "Nightlife"-wise.

So for now these are my humble "Making of" shots I did real quick in between styling and other things I had to do on set. But I'll defo keep you all posted with the final video result of the step-by-step films on how to apply them innovative and amazingly easy-to-wear hair extensions and the final "BEFORE & AFTER" photos made by my boyfriend Cedric aka Jean Poodle.

HAHA my excuses for the last pic but I trully hope Balmain hair sees the special and exclusive type of PR I'm doing for them by JUST ADDING HAIR.

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