Last night I attended the Dutch Fashion Awards which is FOR ONCE a big hapenning held in my city. So no need of late night train rides back home, just easy chill biking.

The whole set of the evening was meant to look like one huge dinner party, during which we would enjoy several fashion shows. And I don't know if it's because I'm dealing with a lot of romanticism while writing my thesis, but the whole evening felt very Lana del Rey, just beautiful, melancholic, impressive, having dinner in a beautiful church while waiters served food and drinks in a choreographed almost army-like way; dressed in black and white with papillon print bow ties. It was perfect.

As I talked to friends, and friends of friends, I was surprised with the response everyone had about Alexander taking over at Balenciaga. So much negativity and prejudged opinions which to be honest didn't even had a strong fundament. Perhaps I'm naive, and this COULD be a catastrophy as everyone's making it sound, but isn't the whole fashion systen upside down and catastrophical right now anyway?! I MEAN.....MMM for H&M? Kanye West having his own fashion house? showing in Paris? PEOPLE ATTENDING THE SHOW?, Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent? Raf at DIOR???? GALLIANO OUT OF THE GAME??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?......

Bitches please, list goes on and on AND BTW it's 2012, we all might just die in a month exactly so why not enjoy the mess while it lasts? stop being so stuck up, look at things lightly and MOST IMPORTANTLY, don't put anyone up in a pedestal to throw stones at him once he's made it to the top.

I just can't believe it was the same people from whom I have heard words of love and ecstatic admiration for Alex Wang that were looking down on his triumph last night and what could probably be something extremly refreshing and beautiful in the fashion scene's future.

So no matter what them haters might say, I'm happy for him! I see myself in him one once! and I TOO will take over something huge one day! and those same haters will hate me too! but that's okay and all cause I'll be too busy whatsappin with Alex about the things we bought lately and our wonderful lives.



  1. is this fashion director re-arrangement done by the illuminati??

  2. I like it a lot.

  3. ahahaha u couldn't say it better!
    giant love 4 this n for wang.. can't wait
    i'm such a fan! pls lemme b friends with ya guys!