pics by Lucci.

And BACK to impracticality!

It was a matter of time before I did my hair and switched back at least for just one day into something that was not temperature-appropriate and made it difficult to ride my bike, move around and function; it was needed in these days of utter ratchet school outfits.

This almost-floor-length wool cashmere chocolate baby is one of my newest and most favourite treasure hunts lately...I mean, not that I have that much time these days to really scan all the racks at the usual dumpsters, but it had been a while since I had found something this good. It's weird though cause brown had always been classified in my wardrobe as "I cannot work this color out" but this tone seemed just natural once I had it on; maybe it's because we're dealing with a milk chocolate case instead of pure dark chocolate...whatevur.

All I see now is how much it resembles that delish ACNE jacket from their Fall 11's first look. I had my eyes on it for soooooooooooo long! and now the quest is over with a happy ending.

The biggest deadline of my art academy years is due 6 weeks from now! and I have no clue how it's all gonna happen, but it will. It always just happens and no one ever knows how. My thesis on the other hand I started writing today and although it's due thursday, if I lock myself up whole day tomorrow and chain myself to the computer since early in the morning I might just make it on time!

This summer's gonna be sooo so sick. it will be mine. And it will be so weird and probably awesome too for once in my life to not have to go back to school when autumn comes around. I still remember when I had just graduated from junior high onto highschool and thinking: "I'm not even happy cause I'm so not done yet; I have whole teenage AND highschool still in front of me to face + university years".

ps. Can you tell I'm writing a thesis? the bullshit just flows............

Lov 4 all x


  1. Love this. That big brown coat is amazinggg..

  2. Hee, naar welke academie ga je? Geweldige jas trouwens, alleen inderdaad zo onpraktisch met fietsen haha

  3. Anonymous9.3.13

    FECKING RIGHT - but where is the MuSiC up on these p0sts s?


  4. Pamela Williams13.9.13

    Well, having a break every once in a while can really be a great idea to keep you mind off thesis writing. It can also help refresh the mind to be better use for thinking. Just imagine working with phd dissertations all year round. It would certainly make mistake along the way because your mind can have fatigue.