Zara coat, Céline DIY t-shirt, MMMxHM candy wrap clutch, thrifted green silk pants, thrifted Bally boots.
Although we're in properly in May already! and we got some sun over here, weather in the NL is not entirely t-shirt friendly yet.

So instead of whining about it, I rather see it as the time to wear all those fly light coats which are too light for winter and too heavy for summer nights. Light and flowy silk pants feel quite appropriate to match with too!

Days get longer and afternoons magical. Just like this royal blue sky, afternoon lighting has been and will forever be one of my weaknesses.

Last night's dreams were a proof to me that from now on I need to start writing AND drawing the shit I design, come up with or say in dreams. Last night was an overload of amazing designs which I saw people wearing, which don't really exist, which means I designed them BUT which I can barely remember. And I recall waking up in between and thinking: I need to draw this right now, and then thinking: nah I'll remember this one....NO YOU WON'T YOU DUMB HOE. Thank god I discussed some of the things I could remember with my BF over breakfast and new lovely ideas popped up.

I also dreamt I shaved my whole head completely and missing my long hair RIGHT away. As this was the highest and most lucid point of the dream I looked the meaning for a britney moment up and this is a symbol of humbleness and humility.

Do I look like I'm faking it enough?
Do you think I'm bitching it enough?
Do you think I'm faking it enough?
Do I look like I'm smart enough?
Do I look like I'm being good enough?
Do you think I am selling out enough?
Am I pushing it too far enough?
Do I look like I'm losing touch enough?

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