Effortlessly cool” is a lot of effort. I can definitely tell you that. I also feel like “effortlessly cool” and “naturally cool” are two different things. “Naturally cool” is not effortless. Swag comes from within. -Akeem Smith.


I've missed out on too many of my favorite things in the world these last months.

But thank God to Tumblr, infinite scrolling and archives I'm back on track!

Here 3 shots of what seems to have been an amaaaaaaazingly styled shoot by one of my favorite stylists, the NY-based Akeem Smith and shot by Shiraz Ansari. This boy sums pretty much everything I thought I would look like when I grew up. I'm 22 and still waiting to pop all of this.

Akeem often styles for the delicious and elevatedly chic sports/streetwear HBA, the anti-fashion online institution DIS magazine, Interview magazine and also did a story called FIFTY SHADES OF CRAY for Bullet magazine which you TRULLY need to google right now.

To know more and everything about Akeem's work, his ways, looks, work ethics and the way he says he's pushing the boundaries of "ghetto fashion",which to his opinion has "classed up" in many ways, read this interview with The Cluster mag.

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