I love this picture my mom made of me on the day of my graduation last saturday.

And not only because my silhouette is very hero-like, fresh and floaty, but also because it sort of resembles this clear image of school right behind me in a metaphorical way, and me walking in a place where I have no idea where I'm heading to but I definitely feel excited to go to.

I hope you guys are as sick as me (or, of me?) talking about graduation, but believe me! this was it!...this was that last step to wrap the whole shit up after so many presentations, shows and exhibitions.

This other picture is the one of my mom, at an even younger age than mine on the year of her graduation too; june of 1986. I thought would be lovely to share it next to mine since my mom had it as her profile picture on facebook and I didn't even know it was her till she told me so yesterday. My mom, whom unfortunately dropped off school to raise us, is very proud of my achievement which I totally dedicate to her!

And well, Depeche Mode cause WHY NOT....just another obsession my mom passed on to me from her youth.

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