1. Seed, pearl, black enamel, diamond cross pendant........I mean PLEASE...
2. Saint Laurent Fall 13 ermine fur coat, ROCK 'N ROYAL.
3. Céline crossbody shopper bag.
4. Axolotl albino, my new favorite alien on earth!
5. Sky Ferreira's new album NIGHT TIME, MY TIME (released yesterday).
6. Lil Kim's HARDCORE mixtape (coming out tomorrow).
7. One week trip to Berlin!

So tomorrow's my birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! and every birthday, just like every christmas, is followed by a wishlist! wether realistic or not, it's very important you make them anyway...wishes don't just come true from one day to the other, and therefore the power of wishlists and vision boards should NEVER be underestimated.

Although this year my family is quite busy around this time, and my plans throughout this whole weekend are with close friends only, wishes from #4 till #7 will be coming true during these next couple of weeks! #1 to #3 I'll be aiming for once my carreer takes off and my disposable income is decent, fat and juicy! Sky's album already came out yesterday and the wait was definitely NOT in vain. She delivered a beautiful synth pop set of 12 songs with a heavy rocky flow a la SUICIDE (1970's electronic protopunk band).

Lil Kim's HARDCORE mixtape is coming out tomorrow and I can't believe the so anticipated comeback of the Queen of Rap is finally here! just for me!

Next week my bf is taking me to Berlin for a 6-day birthday trip (HOW will I ever top thissssssss?!?!?!) so if you live in Berlin or you will be there any day from the 7th till the 12th HOLLER! and feel free to guide us around.

The Axolotl albino is a beautiful lizzard-gone-fish creature I was only introduced to yesterday while accidentally visiting the pet store. I literally felt 5 again cause all I could think of was: I WANT IT I WANT IT!!!! it's surprisingly quite a low-maintenance pet and extremly entertaining to watch.

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