Photos by Cédric.

OK so first things first CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS JACKET????????????????

And no, it's not the delicious ACNE Mape cropped jacket we're dealing with here, but a rather strikingly look-alike I found at the Waterlooplein market in Amsterdam on a tuesday for only 40e!!! Thank God my birthday was just around the corner and worked in my advantage as the perfect excuse to just add that one extra jacket that my over-capacity wardrobe needed *insert evil laugh here*.

With a slightly wider sleeve and a boxier shape than the Mape, I could almost swear this was the sample jacket responsible for ACNE's green sweetheart (oh yes I did gurl). I'm not mad about the fact that my jacket has been around either...there's just something about breaking in new leather goods that makes you want to run a marathon in them to make them look cooler.

FEEEL is just another song I'm reeeeeeeeeally into at the moment which is produced in every single sense (including video) by my friend Joeri Woudstra aka TORUS. His upcoming EP with the same name FEEEL comes out on November 18th and we all need to get our hands on it. I love the almost passive aggressive, fresh and clinical look/feeling of it all. Just really spacey and weirdly cozy considering how distant it seems from reality. And although I won't ruin the ending by saying too much, I will say it's my favorite part; something to look forwards to next time you do that lonely forest walk.

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