1. Kanye West - Bound 2
When it comes to KIMYE I like me some more KIM than the YE to be honest. But I have to give it to him and this video is on-point. As confusing and awkward as it is, it stands perfectly for the idiotic times we live in. It says: HI IT'S KIM AND KANYE AGAIN, YOU HATE US BUT THAT'S WHY YOU LOVE US. THIS VIDEO IS FOR YOU AND BY YOU. KEEP ON TALKIN AND WE'LL KEEP ON CASHIN WHILE RIDIN THIS BIKE XOXO KIMYE. I think Kim looks gorgeous and this video would have been eternally iconic without Kanye in it.

2. Lana del Rey - TROPICO  
Teaser 1 was painfully short and adorable-dreamy. Teaser 2 was trippy, provocative and disturbing in the best of ways, but full trailer was just one fast blood-pumping sneak peak into a beautiful gang you'd kill to be part of. For now I'm trying to bare these two weeks till release date with the unreleased tracks compilation I never new about?!
3. Sky Ferreira - Night Time, My Time
Sky most definitely keeps on pushing the right buttons but with invisible fingers. There's an air of sex, drugs and a hardcore lifestyle you can't really point out. The magic of immaculate direction! I feel like this video could have been the trailer for a great art house film or a really cute HOOCHIFIED LOLITA spread on italian VOGUE or W magazine.
4. Britney Spears - Britney Jean
If you never liked Britney don't even try getting into this, cause this album feels like Home Sweet Home. Meant obviously for the girls and the gays, Brit gives us some good old Baby One More Time vibes with shameless club beats you wish you could refuse to like.

It's been raining good music for the last couple of weeks! and it doesn't stop here but I'll keep my new goodies for later!

All in all I love how most of my favorites are finally going back to their roots and embracing what once made them big. And if not that, then breaking free from an image they were no longer in tune with. No one is doing the "I'm trying this new sound" kind of thing. They know we want it here, now, we want to feel it, know it, understand it and own it. Ain't nobody got time for new sounds.

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