Ever since Versace's fall 13 show these images of extremely studded and embroidered chokers haunt me everyday. Unfortunately most of the outrageous Vunk pieces (Punk with a V) were just runway show pieces. The only few jewelry out there from this collection can't actually compare. This is maybe a good reason to go to back to DIY-land and have some good old crazy embroidering fun Donatella style.

This song is my 2013 coming to an end.

Can we talk about everyone's fuzz on bloggers being "banned" from upcoming and possibly future NY fashion weeks? I mean, I totally understand the approach to "cutting down" on attendees but, are bloggers the only people they're making a cut on? isn't it something dealing more with minimizing every show during fashion week for a better and more exclusive experience for the most people who are trully in the business? and by this I don't mean to say that bloggers don't make part of the fashion bizz. But in a way, if a fashion house is to invite one of us to their show is because we might have become a little guilty pleasure in between their inspiration sources or they just like the way you wear their goods or how you refer to the brand. So not exactly because of selling rates or strategic online moves in most of cases. But do bloggers really have to be all that in ONE? isn't there someone sitting right next to them in that same show who's there for that other job?

At the end of the day blogs are about exposure, inspiration and in some cases, the debate of ideas.

I think it's silly how plenty of fashion journalists have jumped on the subject and made it black and white by dividing the relationship in between fashion week and fashion bloggers; it's either good or bad. Being fashion week the good and fashion bloggers the villains. Perhaps I'm not dealing with the subject in the best of ways either, but I don't think it's fair for those who see themselves threatened by the online world to be so cut-throat about a movement that has brought more good than bad things to the fashion scene.

I'm not gonna lie though, and I don't know how crazy New York fashion week can get outside a show's gates, but in Paris things can get quite heated up and the crowd tends to look a bit purposeless at times. But again, do fashion enthusiasts really need a purpose to be there and just watch?...maybe in the future there will be smarter solutions for people who are not actually invited, but could easily watch the show be streamed live at a really chic bar or club for example; sort of a cyber fashion week for the outsiders who instead of hopping from one show to another, will go from one live stream to the other.

Maybe I'm spacing, or maybe it's too late and this thread is turning into an essay, but all I hope for is for the people at the top to not completely shut all doors to young bright souls but to just be more selective about which young souls to let in.

At the end of the day who's there to blame? the "unnecessary"? or the ones letting the "unnecessary" in?

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