wearing 2 top

photos by Cédric

So this is me going off with my futuristic cholo look. Just actin' dreamy and very Posh Spice pre-Beckham.

I'm about to go out on a coffee date with the gorgeous and talented Romy Treebusch to discuss our upcoming shoot together. It's been a while since Romy and I worked new images out; in fact, last time we did we were both still at school and graduating. Now that school schedules and asignments are behind us, we couldn't wait to get together again and make something happen which wasn't just homework.

For the past 2 weeks I've also been styling portfolio shoots for and with Cédric. We shot gorgeous boys at sick locations and I've been dying to put them out here! but since we're aiming for publications this time I guess that might take a while. 

Remember Sukmeqilme? well he/she/it has been popping real good new videos these past weeks from which End of the World and a n g e l are my all time favorites. These videos always make me feel like just diving into my screen and float, fly or swim into whatever is happening in it. The selection on this post is somewhat of the same kind of vibe at different levels; but if you were to go through his/her/it's channel you will find a video for every kind of mood. If you're in for an online trip, put your best headphones on, turn off the lights and enjoy the ride. 

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