Here something I never tried before!

This is the first time I've actually gathered my favorites so carefully in between things I simply liked and what I would actually wear. I guess all in all you can't really say something's made a comeback because nothing really ever left. We keep playing with the same furs, wools, plaids, bright graphics, shiny metallics, denim, slick hair, middle part, spikey gel look, etc etc fun fun fun. And that's all okay! please kids, let's not talk about who ripped who off, or how repetitive this and that is, or who did it first and last! just focus on the season, the legacy of each house, their crowd, and THEN formulate your thoughts!

I loved to see so many cowboys in one season! some collections had just a slight hint of it and some others (Versace) had no shame (duh) on sticking strictly to the wild wild west.

I felt like it was a really good moment for digital abstract prints too and I loved it as for women's spring 2014 there were a couple of painting-like composition on pieces (Prada) and paint made look roughly brushed over fabric (Céline). So I guess for the boys art  is still happening on computers.

Fur runway at Fendi!!! hello opulence!!!
Hedi disappointed at Saint Laurent
Diesel Black Gold made the best police motorcycle leather jackets and pants. 
Thom Browne should drop womenswear forever and make twice as big menswear collections, genius.
Dior Homme is finally moving onto my lane!
I really appreciated Carven's darkness, unexpected but lovely.
Astrid Andersen was a parody of me, I'm not even kidding.

Torn sweaters, cut out blazers, paint splattered denim and patched fabrics were king again and I trully live for all of this mess. There was a good amount of black and white graphic pieces too; good old hypnotic eyecandy. I HATED the short tie situations, it hapenned on more than one collection and I hope it never comes back.

Comme des Garçons had me going LOCO for the first time ever. The hair pieces were so beautiful and grotesque which made the perfect contrast with the cut-out suits. The copy paste of suit elements from one fabric to the other were so good! Jonathan Saunders, Lanvin and even a calm Givenchy got me feeling real good. I liked the calm basketball hood goth air. After a lot of menswear seasons of inner love/hate struggle, I gave into this fall 2014. The most recognisable print was the zoomed in basket ball, so I can deal with that...good-bye rottweilers, septums, flowers and lego robots!...who knows for how long though.

ACNE, always slays. Balmain was a bit too hip hoppafied but most of the jackets are worth crying for. And as last but not least RAF SIMONS and JW ANDERSON, Amén HALLELUJAH! JW gave us dislocated kimonos, poker card like graphic knits, the bucket leather hand bags, abstract and aspirin looking bracelets, SHOE!....*takes a deep breath*...all of that worn by the same skinny, but gorgeous looking geeky gamer boy who relaxes in Raf's abstract galaxy sweaters and iconic color palette. The orthopedic shoe at Raf I still cannot look at though, I'm sorry. I'm trying to deal with it but it's still very painful to the eye.

I hope you enjoyed my ranty men's fashion week report. I ain't no Tim Blanks and no photoshop genius either so bare with me.

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