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song by Cosmetics - "Black Candy"
4. by Janneke van der Hagen for Contributor magazine "THE MACHINE AND ME"

This time the fashion weeks came around I was surprisingly not even a bit ready for it. Once I got into I still felt like it was hard for my brain to dettach from one week to dip into the next one. Menswear for example was not yet completely worked in my system and then came Couture along. Can't imagine what it might be like to actually hop from one show to the other irl. Probably amazing.

Thank god for Raf opening couture week at Dior though. The airy, adorable and yet high tech lasered textiles made it easier to get into the high-brow and mysterious world of couture. I loved the shoes too, so so much. High and kitten heels that looked like shiny silver sharp blades worn as buckles; all of this still delicately chain-strapped to the leg. It is a lot of fun to see how at ease and yet sexy his work for Dior's couture collections has been. Ever since he came on the picture couture stopped being all about restrictive luxury and became something that reflects more how women want to feel and not just who they want to become.

BUT BACK TO ME, I've been insanely into red at the moment. Anything in red right now just makes me feel alive and needs to be mine. These pieces are just some of the red impulsive buying I've done recently except the scarf. Nothing like a cotton cable knit and a wool t-shirt. I know it sounds kind of contradictive but these are key pieces in key materials to keep you cool in these multi-layered winters. The bag is still not all that functional yet except if you're buying your veggies but I'll find a way to wear it.

Janneke's fusion of Babe and flashy fast ride is one of my favorite pictures at the moment. Once taken out of the serie's context, it tells a really cool story on it's own but in a non-Too Fast Too Furious way. More like, a really gorgeous Puerto Rican girl born and raised in Miami working three jobs and struggling to buy some Prada.

Fashion week in Amsterdam starts this week so I can't wait to see what my friend Tessa at Maison de Faux and David Laport have to offer for their debut shows! David graduated a year before me and Tessa is from the same year as me so it's really exciting to see them go around stepping on these new grounds so soon already. Then we have the kids from Collectie Arnhem who always put up a good show and give us a lot to talk about. A lot of upcoming young aesthetics I'm really curious about!

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