Have you ever wondered what someone's inspiration folder looks like?

What it TRULLY looks like?!

I sure have!

Sometimes by browsing through blogs and sites I get so tired from the same old boring, carefully selected and polished inspiration posts. I mean it's obvious we all love beautiful things, people and clothes; we live for the chase of the ultimate image of beauty and perfection, but I wish somewhere halfway the chase we could stop for a while and let loose of all filters and just show what we're trully made of.

This right here is a screenshot of the latest images saved onto MY inspiration folder. This is maybe the reason why I almost never do inspiration images posts, cause if I can't post them altogether, I rather not post them at all.

A friend told me yesterday I should not just air my ideas out in the open like this. That moodboards and visual ideas are very valuable nowadays which I totally get, but in the end I think inspiration folders are all about a certain language which only it's creator is able to read. Besides it's not like these images have never been seen before, it's just a different selection and arrangement.

I hope this becomes a thing! just like #TBT and #selfies! a once a month blogger habit when we all drop the bullshit and get real. Cause not even Pinterest can top the power of a screenshot!


  1. Ten eerste... IK WIL JE TATTOO ZIEN!
    Die Amanda Bynes haha, heerlijk. Ik kan me heel goed vinden in dit verhaal, heb zelf een tijdje een blog gehad maar wilde dat het een rommel-site werd, hoewel het in mijn hoofd en inspiratie mappen op mijn computer een chaos was van verschillende foto's. Nu hou ik eigenlijk alles voor mezelf.

    ps: misschien een handige tip: cmd+schift+4+spatiebalk voor screenshots van 1 venster. try it!

    1. TATTOO PICS COMING SOON!! when it's healed ;) I really like your tumblr btw....just found some really good new pics to add to the folder haha...thx for the tip x

    2. that's sweet thank you! can't wait to see... have an appointment with baba in houten 25 januari ahh :))

  2. omg such a genius in posting. very raw and real/... such a gem