photos by Romeo.


My mom still hasn't seen it in real and refuses to see pictures of it again. 

I, on the other hand, could honestly not be happier with Baba's beautiful piece of work! which is now mine, forever and ever!

Baba is an _UN_believably dope and talented tattoo artist and Romeo's brother; Romeo as we all know, is the master eye behind the Love Aesthetics' lenses and imagery. Just one big talented family! which I guess I am now a part of in this symbolic way. The session took place at Ivania's home, therefore the über chic tattoo salon look. That whole day in general was SO so much fun, great and most of all inspiring. The Holy Aesthetics gang has more than one surprise prepared for the awesome year that 2014 will be.

Why Azealia? because ever since last year's MELT festival, I got a bunch of people literally hooked on her (including both Baba and Romeo) by dragging them to her gig. After that it was all history. I remember being front row right in the middle, shouting my lungs out to BBD (Bad Bitches Do it) when it hit me...I looked around, at our huge gorgeous group of friends and I thought: THIS IS US! BBD is about us.

Also, Baba's speciality is femme portraits of the baddest bitches on earth. So I had in mind a face, but then didn't know which or whose face, and then BAM it hit me, had to be miss Banks. But then I didn't really want it to be a groupie kind of thing (although it still totally is) so I went for her YUNG RAPUNXEL video persona with the triple mouth combo. Like that, the portrait is more of a freaky,  mythological creature and that's why we decided to add the albino baby snakes creeping down her hair for that Medusa kunty look.

Azealia will be coming to Amsterdam on April 1st and we're all more than ready to fuck it up with her once again! I am also determined to go backstage this time, show her my crazy leg and give her a HUGE kiss. And of course instagram the whole shit duh.


  1. that tattoo is amazing!! i love azealia banks. the mouths for eyes is eerie but i can't look away.

  2. Ahh YES!!! zo gaaf... Poor mom haha. En ze komt naar Amsterdam 1 dag voor mijn verjaardag?! Ik moet daar naartoe, vorig jaar op Pitch festival gemist en ben nog steeds boos op mezelf. Please wear shorts! dan kan ik je been zien, ha.